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Twilight In The City Of Lights

Posted on Apr 07,2020 by JanSmi

Quiet, oh so quiet. Paris, without its honking horns, without its clinking glasses, without its boisterous conversations. Paris without its audience. { read more }


Mulled Wine - Vin Chaud

Posted on Nov 29,2019 by JanSmi

Mulled wine is something we serve at our own annual holiday party in Toronto (and now, in Nérac, France, where we host neighbours and friends too) and over the years, we’ve perfected our recipe. { read more }


Spéculoos cookies

Posted on Aug 26,2019 by JanSmi

If you’ve ever had coffee in France, you’ll be familiar with these cookies. Spéculoos are a Dutch and Belgian specialty, but you’ll find them nestled on your saucer with your coffee in most restaurants and cafés { read more }


French Food Expressions

Posted on Jun 21,2019 by JanSmi

We all know how much the French love food, right? And if you speak French, you’ll likely know that many of their proverbs, idioms and other everyday expressions have something to do with food too. I mean, pourquoi pas? How many of these do you know? And how many of them can you work into your everyday conversations? { read more }


Le Croque Monsieur

Posted on May 02,2019 by JanSmi

Croque-Monsieur is one of my favorite café meals to eat when I am in France. Traditionally made with square slices of pain de mie (white sandwich bread), sandwiched with creamy béchamel sauce, slices of ham and cheese and topped with more béchamel, this is definitely a once-in-a-while indulgence but one that will instantly transport you to a French café. { read more }


Le Goûter

Posted on Feb 18,2019 by JanSmi

If you look up “goûter” in a French-English dictionary, you’ll see it has a number of different meanings. The verb “goûter” means “to taste” whereas the noun means “an after school snack”. But not just any after-school snack. Unlike in other countries where parents might encourage healthier choices like fruits or maybe vegetables and dips, the French goûter is an entirely sweet affair. { read more }


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