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The Best Things To Do This Fall in Paris

Posted on Sep 17,2014 by Hampton*Jan

Are you heading to Paris this fall for a wonderful vacation? Then you have to check out this list of amazing things to do so you can get the most out of your trip! { read more }


Autumn Brings Falling Vacation Prices

Posted on Sep 10,2014 by Hampton*Jan

Time to break out everything pumpkin flavored as it’s the signature taste of fall! Students begin to fill classes and people everywhere begin to break out those sweaters and long pants. Did you know major tourist destinations drastically decrease in price which means instant savings for fall vacationers! { read more }


Global Travel Virgins

Posted on Aug 06,2014 by Hampton*Jan

Traveling the world can expose you to different lifestyles, exotic foods and vastly different cultures. Are you prepared to take a trip across the globe? If it’s going to be your first time, there are some things you have to prepare for before you jet set off to a destination outside the United States. { read more }


Discover the Benefits of Short-Term Apartment Rentals in Paris

Posted on Sep 09,2014 by Hampton*Jan

Finding a living space is one of the most essential parts of an extended stay abroad. However, it’s often difficult for travelers to live within a modest budget yet find a quality living environment suitable for more than a few nights. Fortunately, there’s the often overlooked option of renting an apartment. Read on to discover why this travel option may be the perfect living solution for your future stay in Paris. { read more }


4 Advantages of Paris Holiday Apartments

Posted on Jul 28,2014 by Hampton*Jan

When you finally get to make your dream Paris holiday a reality, you should be able to cherish every moment of it, but that might not be so easy in the cramped, impersonal, and shared confines of a hotel. That\'s why choosing a Paris holiday apartment can make such a big difference. { read more }


Dreaming of Paris?

Posted on Aug 05,2014 by Hampton*Jan

Stop dreaming of a vacation in Paris and make it happen! Paris is the fashion capital of the world and is home to the famous Eiffel Tower. Paris, France has so many things to do and see – making it a trip of a lifetime.Click to read more! { read more }


3 Great Things to do in Paris this Summer

Posted on Jul 21,2014 by Hampton*Jan

If you are a little indecisive about where to go, maybe you should consider Paris, France. With some of the greatest art, culture, and food in the world at your fingertips and an array of dazzling Paris apartment rentals to stay at for an authentic experience, the City of Light will never fail to engage you! { read more }



Posted on Jul 23,2014 by Hampton*Jan

Welcome to our new Vacation In Paris website!! { read more }


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