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Feeling Tingly

Posted on Mar 01,2021 by JanSmi

It must hit everybody at the same time –that tingly feeling that says “it’s almost time for baseball.” You feel extra tingly when you’re an American living in France, far from Major League Baseball because you know it ain’t gonna happen here. { read more }


A Particular Confinement

Posted on Feb 10,2021 by JanSmi

Confinement, a new lockdown, is still on the table, the French government said. We emitted a groan, not again. Still, we have to admit that the first confinement which kept us holed up in our Paris apartment wasn’t so bad. That’s because we had something to do, something to keep us occupied. We had a book to write and a deadline to meet. The book was about Champagne Charlie, and in working on the book we found real inspiration for coping with our locked-in life from Charlie himself. { read more }


Kindness Unmasked

Posted on Jan 07,2021 by JanSmi

My husband Don is what the French call un sportif. He runs (has around twenty marathons to his credit), he plays baseball (the Men’s Senior Baseball League World Series) and he works out. Unlike some of us (me, for example), he doesn’t have to think about this or program it into his schedule. It’s just part of his normal life. { read more }


Soup Kitchens à la Française

Posted on Jan 04,2021 by JanSmi

People starving, unemployment skyrocketing, mobs in the street, a government about to be replaced and doing nothing to help.
Sound familiar? { read more }


Dreaming Of Paris...

Posted on Aug 04,2020 by JanSmi

Five minutes in Paris and I feel that I have been transformed into a Parisienne. The bustle, the beautiful women rushing by in their pencil skirts with high heels clacking. I’m dreaming of sitting in a café, drinking a citron presse, listening to the romantic French language, and watching lovers stare into one another’s eyes. { read more }


Planning The Future With The Past

Posted on Aug 03,2020 by JanSmi

Many people inherit family recipes, but Muriel and Olivier Madeline inherited some with a difference. They were for a range of the most famous perfumes of les années folles - that is, the Roarin’ 20s, - perfumes that had been created by their great-grandmother, Germaine Duval { read more }


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