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It's A Wrap

Posted on Aug 23,2021 by Hampton*Jan

Red tape. That’s what French bureaucracy is known for. But a pair of artists cut through it to win the right to use yards and yards of it – 3000 meters, to be exact - to wrap the Arc de Triomphe. { read more }


Shopping For Wine

Posted on Jul 26,2021 by Hampton*Jan

Shopping for wine may seem intimidating, but how can you come to Paris without buying a bottle or so? So, here’s a sort of basic “user’s guide” to make it as fun and easy as possible. { read more }


Evergreen Guides

Posted on Jun 24,2021 by Hampton*Jan

Getting ready for your Paris trip at last? Then get rid of your old, worthless guidebooks and make room for some “new” ones, guidebooks that will never be outdated. { read more }


Treasure And Trash

Posted on May 24,2021 by Hampton*Jan

Oh joy! The brocantes and flea markets of Paris are open again! With more than 40 per cent of the population here vaccinated with at least one shot, the government has allowed those vendors of junk and jewels to set up their stands once more. { read more }


Paris Book Club - Part Three

Posted on May 11,2021 by Hampton*Jan

Smiles and More

Paris is beauty, glamour, romance, mystery - and fun. So, while we await the “great reopening,” here are some books just for fun. { read more }


Paris Book Club - Part Two

Posted on Apr 19,2021 by Hampton*Jan

Everyone has his or her own vision of Paris, but the books I’m going to talk about have the facts that can make the vision more real. { read more }


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