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Posted on Aug 07,2023 by Hampton*Jan

It is a fact of French life: “Aux barricades” if you’re against something. That is, get out your megaphone and head to the streets. Let the world know your grievances. { read more }


How to Dine in Paris

Posted on Jun 29,2023 by Hampton*Jan

You’re coming to Paris? And planning a meal or two at one of its outstanding restaurants? Well then, as a long-time resident, let me give you a tip: order from what’s on the carte, as the menu is known in France. { read more }


My Criminal Pants

Posted on Aug 25,2022 by Hampton*Jan

For 35 years I was a criminal. I was never arrested, never charged, and, thank heavens, never imprisoned. I was never even fined, yet, nearly every day I committed a crime. Not only that, I allowed my daughters to join in the criminal activity. { read more }


Fruit, Vegetables, History

Posted on Jun 14,2022 by Hampton*Jan

“Two avocados, four tomatoes and a history lesson, please,” I said to the vendor at our local fruit and vegetable market. I didn’t actually order the history lesson, but I got one anyway when I asked about the different cherries she had in stock. “These are not real sweet,” she said pointing to some small dark cherries, “but these are.” Those were huge and dark red and almost twice the price. { read more }


Now You See It...

Posted on Dec 20,2021 by Hampton*Jan

It’s been a season of monumental ephemera in Paris – structures that were here, you blink, and then they weren’t. { read more }


Josephine Comes Home

Posted on Sep 09,2021 by Hampton*Jan

Shortly after we moved to France, a marionette caught my eye at one of Paris’s big brocantes, the semi-annual two-week-long antique and junk fairs then held on the city’s edge. The strings were missing as was the cross that controls them, but the body was something special. It was beautiful, truly a work of art. { read more }


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