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14 Romantic Things To Do

Posted on Jan 16,2017 by JanSmi

If you plan on visiting Paris over Valentine's Day, you’ll be sure to have an even more magical experience in the most romantic city in the world. What better way to declare your love than to spend time together in the City of Light and Romance?? { read more }


Christmas in Paris

Posted on Dec 19,2016 by JanSmi

Celebrating the holiday season is a magical time of year experience for all. Here are some of our favorite things to do in Paris over the holidays. { read more }


European Heritage Days

Posted on Oct 11,2016 by JanSmi

In 1984 the French Ministry of Culture and Communication invited the people of France to discover or rediscover the country’s rich heritage. The initiative began as a la journée portes ouvertes des monuments (Monuments open house day). { read more }


Don't Miss Beaujolais Nouveau Night!

Posted on Oct 18,2016 by JanSmi

If you’re coming to Paris in November and will miss Thanksgiving, why not celebrate the Fête du Beaujolais Nouveau instead? { read more }


The Kitchen Stores of the 2nd Arrondisment

Posted on Sep 22,2015 by JanSmi

The Kitchen Stores of the 2nd Arrondissement – For a Different Kind of Paris Souvenir!
By Mardi Michels ( { read more }


A Few of my Favorite Markets

Posted on Apr 22,2016 by JanSmi

Whenever I travel, and especially when I travel to France, one of the first things I do before I even leave, is find the location of the market closest to where I'll be staying. I think there's no better way to get a feel for a place than to spend a morning in a market, looking at what's on offer and checking out what people buy. It's a great insight into the people and their culture. { read more }


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