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Favorite Foodie Souvenirs

Posted on Aug 28,2018 by JanSmi

One of the best things about visiting Paris is the food, right? When Iím leaving Paris, Iím always sad that I didnít get to eat all the foods I had on my ďto eatĒ list (itís a thing, right?). A great way to extend your vacation beyond your return date is to bring back some edible souvenirs Ė and while thatís really the subject for an entire book, here Iím sharing the items I most often buy to bring home. And the best news is that you can buy most of these at the supermarket! { read more }


August In Paris

Posted on Sep 21,2018 by JanSmi

Ah, August in Paris. The lines at the Eiffel Tower are longer than the Tower is tall. From the end of the queue at the Louvre, the Pyramids of Egypt seem closer than the one marking the entry to the great museum. Souvenir shops are jammed. { read more }


Taking Advantage Of Your Rental Kitchen

Posted on Aug 16,2018 by JanSmi

Do you love to cook. Do you love to travel? Do you love to cook when youíre travelling? Me too! One of the great things about staying in a vacation rental property is having access to a kitchen because thereís no better way to wind down from a busy dayís sightseeing than over a simple meal you can prepare yourself. Sure, eating out on holidays is great but sometimes you just need to relax with a glass of wine and a cheese/ charcuterie plate, right? { read more }


Helpful Hints From A Local

Posted on Jul 18,2017 by JanSmi

Itís not easy to figure out why we donít always feel welcomed with open arms in France. They can be a hard group to please. Sometimes the French can be rude in their quest for manners. Donít let their behavior get to youÖ itís just the way they are. When it comes to dealing with people on a daily basis, sometimes us foreigners are just not up to par. After thirty years of living in Paris, here are some tips Iíve learned in trying to adapt. { read more }


Cook'n With Class

Posted on Apr 18,2017 by JanSmi

Have you ever dreamed about baking a sumptuous French dessert or picking the perfect wine and cheese pairings, but were hesitant to try? Or maybe you imagined shopping at the local market and bringing home the freshest ingredients to prepare a meal in your very own Parisian apartment? Now's your chance.....we've partnered up with the popular and prestigious Cook'n With Class. Whether a beginner and new to the kitchen or a more advanced foodie and ready to try something challenging, Cook'n With Class has the perfect class for you.

{ read more }


14 Romantic Things To Do

Posted on Jan 16,2017 by JanSmi

If you plan on visiting Paris over Valentine's Day, youíll be sure to have an even more magical experience in the most romantic city in the world. What better way to declare your love than to spend time together in the City of Light and Romance?? { read more }


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