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Feeling Tingly

Posted on Mar 01,2021 by JanSmi

It must hit everybody at the same time –that tingly feeling that says “it’s almost time for baseball.” You feel extra tingly when you’re an American living in France, far from Major League Baseball because you know it ain’t gonna happen here. { read more }


Mastering the Art of the Macaron

Posted on Mar 04,2021 by JanSmi

My husband Bob and I have for many years now, enjoyed Cook’n With Class. He especially likes the Morning Market class where he is met by the chef at the local market and taken to each vendor where the students learn how to choose the best cuts of meat, what to look for in fresh veggies, daily picks of fish and of course fruits of the day for desserts. I’ve always been fortunate enough to join the class for the meal afterward – something you can do if there is enough room and arranged ahead of time. By far the best 5-course meal in Paris and worth every penny! { read more }


Gilded City

Posted on Mar 08,2021 by JanSmi

Paris, as March arrives, looks as though a magic hand has touched it with a yellow hi-lighter to gild it for spring. In every corner, on every bit of park land, something yellow has popped up – crocuses, forsythia, jonquils. Even the weeping willows seem to be dripping fluorescent yellow. { read more }


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